Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Playlist: 4/24/13

Summer is upon us! I love this time of year, when the flowers are blooming, the sun smiles down on us, and you can actually picture getting into that bikini again. It's a panic-inducing moment, yes, but that's when the real motivation kicks in.

Winter is hard for me, because swimsuit weather seems so far away. I'm a short-term goal, instant-reward kind of girl, so this is the time of year when I'm finally able to kick it into high gear. And what helps me more than a new playlist? Not a whole lot. Good stuff, my friends, good stuff.

This is a great cardio list. It's a little bit longer, my workouts tend to get longer when bikinis are on my mind. And short shorts. And tank tops. And sun-dresses. Bass lines get my heart pumpin', and my ass in gear!

Workout Playlist #9

Well, guess where I am headed now? :)

Happy Hump Day friends!

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