Saturday, September 8, 2012

Windows, Doors, and A Tub

It's come to the end of another week in home construction. Between Thursday and Friday, our tub and showers were delivered, along with our doors and windows. I was soooo excited to see these things show up, especially my bath tub. I've waited so long for a tub like this! I love, love, lurve it! I love the window placement, and I like that there will be a little shelf behind the tub. Room to put my iPhone so it doesn't get wet. And a bottle of wine :)

Bath tub in the master bathroom

Shower in the master bathroom

Shower/Bath combo in the main bathroom

Looking at the master bathroom from the living room. Soon we won't be able to do that :)

Our windows and doors were also installed this week. It was love at first sight. All the windows are very high quality. They open from the bottom up, and the top down. They are super easy to lock, and seem very sturdy. So happy with them!

Den window in front of the house

Guest room window

Front door. With a lock and everything!

Probably one of my most favorite features of the home, next to the kitchen and master bathroom. Love the french doors in the dining nook!

Living room window and master bedroom window. Again, sometime soon there will be a wall there.

Master bathroom window. Sigh.
The hubby and I were talking last night, about the progress of the home. We both feel that the more the house gets finished, the more impatient we get. Overall though, we are both happy with the way construction is going, and very satisfied with the quality. Won't be too much longer now!


  1. I'm afraid I'd camp out at night in the house and hustle out just before the workmen arrive. Make sure no homeless person hangs out there when you're away.

    1. Jerame walks the premise every day, so he checks out the situation daily.

  2. Was this just the foundation of the house construction or did you really intend a nature-inspired bathroom? I think the dominance of wood is so relaxing. It reminds me of saunas. And I think that window above the tub is brilliant. Just don’t forget to apply some window treatments on it for your security and privacy. ;)

    - Ronald Miller

    1. We didn't intend for a nature inspired bathroom, but that's kind of what it looks like. Our house is surrounded on 3 sides by woods, so most all the windows in the house look out on woods. I love it, it's so peaceful. And oh yes, window treatments are a priority!