Sunday, September 23, 2012

Almost Time

We're almost there! T-5 days until the hubby and I leave for Oregon. I'm a nervous bundle of energy right now. So ready to go, but sooooo anxious about the travel day. I know once it's done, that I'll feel better, and the trip home won't be so bad because I will know what to expect. But until then...

We had to order special carriers for the dogs. We needed cloth ones, not hard ones and the dogs need to fit in the bags, but the bags have to fit under the seat in front of us. They arrived in the mail this week, and we introduced both the dogs to their new carriers. I've got a never-ending worry that they won't let Haloti on the plane because he's too fat. The hubby assures me that this will not be the case, but once again, until that day is over, I won't know. He does look awfully cute in his little carrier though :)

I'm also still worried how Gizmo is going to react to all this. Gizmo has plenty of room to move around in his carrier, and also plenty of room for us to put his Blue Monkey in with him. The inside of the carriers has a clip where you can clip their harness's in, and then zip down the top so they can stick their heads out. We'll probably be doing this at both the airports (we're flying out of Columbus, OH with layover in Denver, CO, before heading to Portland). I'm afraid I'm going to be that dog-owner, the one who's dog whines during the whole flight. Oh, I hope not!

I love this picture of Gizmo peeping out from the top. We gave the dogs a bath, a brushing, and haircuts, so they are ready to rock-n-roll! I just wish I was ready to rock-n-roll :)

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