Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up 4/22/12

Building a home is apparently a lot of work!

We had our first inspection of the property by the builder on Friday. I took a bottle of wine over to the hubby's aunt's house while he met with the builder. I'm glad I did, because the inspection took almost 2 hours. Our site was approved though, and we sign our contract on May 8th! Construction begins 6 weeks after that. Argh, I'm so impatient! I want them to start NOW! We also met with our mortgage lender on Friday to make sure everything is set there and to give them all the paperwork they needed. This train is rolling right along :)

Our house, all laid out and marked. This will be the far corner of the house, where the office is.

Side view. You would be looking at the front door here.

Admiring his handiwork :)

Laying down in the "bedroom" :)

We did have some down time on Friday after all the running around, where the hubby was able to squeeze in an afternoon nap and the dogs were able to grab some "cuddle with Dad" time.

Gizmo finally cuddling again.

Haloti loves a good cuddle.

Doing one of their favorite things, napping with Dad. Gizmo between his legs and Haloti superman-style on the hubby's side.

Saturday, we left the house early to head to Lowe's. The hubby got a mailbox, a post, and his mother's birthday present, a rose bush. We planted the rose bush for his mother, and then headed out to the property with the mailbox. The hubby decided he wanted to talk to the postmaster before putting up the mailbox, so we ended up leaving the box and post at his aunt and uncle's. I'd returned with my bottle of wine, and we ended up spending all afternoon with his aunt and uncle, as well as going out to dinner with them. Buffalo Wild Wings had never tasted so good! :)

Another Sunday, another busy day. Sunday, we went couponing per usual. We had to add Walmart to the mix to get chicken, and I was able to grab another couple of deal's there (mainly for baking).

Couponing haul for 4/22/12.

And finally on Sunday night, I cooked the only meal of the weekend.

Yummy, yummy tortilla soup. While it wasn't healthy to eat out on Friday and Saturday night, the only load of dishes I had to run through the dishwasher was Sunday night. LOVE when that happens :)


  1. I am so excited about your house! I want it finished too!! Sounds like a really great weekend.

  2. I couldn't believe when Jerame told me they would start construction 6 weeks after we signed! I was hoping they would start the day we signed! LOL