Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Get out of my house!

Well, we made it March 13th before having to turn on the air conditioning. I just can't take more than 80 degrees in the house. Not to mention that somehow, inexplicably, the temperature on that thermostat keeps going up.

The good news is that while it's hot in the house, it's also beautiful outside! 75 degrees and sunny today. Spring is definitely here! I took the boys on 30 minute walk this morning and they were in heaven. They were also exhausted by the time we got home, since both are carrying a little extra winter weight around :)

Gizmo enjoying the sun from his watch post
A wee bit hot from the temperature in the house
An update on the house hunt- We spent a couple of hours yesterday touring houses with our real estate agent. Another unsuccessful day. All the houses we looked at needed major work. As in, thousands of dollars of work. The one house we looked at that didn't need work was small and completely overpriced. We looked at one gorgeous house that had one heck of a mold problem. Holy moly, did it have mold! I can only imagine getting behind the sheetrock and what exactly you would find. I have a feeling it would be seriously scary. We are talking the stuff nightmares are made out of kind-of-scary. The house was nestled against the side of a hill, so I'm guessing water that has been draining down the hill has been damaging this home for quite some time. We won't be taking that one, thank you very much. It was a beautiful home too, just a shame. We're just gonna keep on truckin'.

The hubby is working the day shift this week and requested Cream Cheese Danishes for breakfast. I was happy to oblige. I whipped up a small batch to last him through the week.

Tomorrow was going to be a cookie day, but now I have a hair appointment in the afternoon (I'm seeking professional help to get the dark color out of my hair, updates to follow!). The cookies will have to wait until Thursday. I'm still working on the brother's birthday cookies, I will be glad once I've gotten them perfect because I am dying to try other recipes. Hopefully Thursday's cookies will be the ones and I can move on!

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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