Monday, March 5, 2012

House Hunting in Kentucky

Perhaps I should rephrase that to "House hunting in Southern Ohio".

It's true. The hubby and I are defecting from Kentucky to Ohio. Granted, as you can see from the above map, Ashland sits right on the Kentucky/Ohio border. Where we live in Ashland right now is 5 minutes from the bridge to cross into Ohio. The hubby's new job is  in Wheelersburg, OH which is about 30 minutes from Ashland and after working a 12 hour night shift, that 30 minutes might as well be 30 hours.

So off we go to Southern Ohio!

The Wheelersburg area is expensive. We haven't seen anything we LOVE yet. We did just start the hunt but we already have the impression we will be compromising on house to get a property we want. The hubby compares this hunt to a fat horse vs an ugly horse. A fat horse can always lose weight while an ugly horse will always be an ugly horse i.e. an ugly house on a great property can always be improved while a cute house in an awful location... well, you are just SOL at that point. I made the point that all horses are cute. Maybe he should use a mule in this analogy.

Baaaaack to the point.

On Thursday, we had an appointment to look at a house in the area. We left our house early to check out the locations on a couple of other properties for sale. At one point, we got lost on a hill and ran into a pack of wild animals!

All right, so the wily beasts were a herd of deer.

The house hunt has not been successful so far. There have been a couple of houses that we thought were cute (2 to be exact) but we drove past the locations and they are both located on a 55 mph road. Dislike.

The house we had the appointment for is located on a GORGEOUS property. It's 2 1/2 acres with a serene pond out front. Here is the view from the front door:

The house is less than stellar. Yes, it is need of cosmetic work i.e. new paint and new flooring throughout. The fork in this pot roast is that the layout is awful. We can deal with some cosmetic work but when you are talking about knocking down interior walls and maybe doing an addition, on top of the fact that this property is in the upper echelon of our price range... The hubby and I left feeling deflated.

It appears the house hunt may be a long process.

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  1. ugh looking for a house is such a pain but will be well worth it in the end when you relize it is YOUR'S all YOUR'S! Its time for you to watch house hunters! See all the things people look at and what the cost of somethings are going for!