Friday, March 30, 2012

Adventures in K-Cup Land

The hubby and I have been immensely enjoying the Keurig coffee maker. I think the only time we have used the old coffee maker was when his mother came up to stay the night. She drinks a lot of coffee, so we had to make her a pot.

The hubby is still loving the Sumatra blend, he's been making himself a to-go cup every day before work. I've been using the "My K-Cup" attachment (which allows you to use your own coffee by putting it in a K-Cup holder with a little filter) and using the house coffee. Call me crazy, but I think our regular coffee tastes 100 times better from the Keurig.

I found a sale last week on Amazon and was able to order more K-cups. They arrived yesterday as I was in the middle of making muffins.

It also arrived at 5 pm, so I wasn't able to sample it right then. Boo.

I ordered Jet Fuel for the hubby. It was described online as "extra-extra-bold", so I figured it was right up his alley. I was right, he loved it this morning. The sale was also on a 50-pack of coffee, so this package should last him quite awhile. I ordered French Vanilla cappuccino for me. Yum, yum!

I was so happy to see these little things!

This flavor is perfect for me. I'm not a fan of black or strong coffee and I love flavored coffee. This coffee is not strong. I found it delicious.

It was an indulgent Friday morning started with a French Vanilla Cappuccino and a couple of Chocolate Chip Almond mini-muffins. TGIF indeed!


  1. I am going to be starting my adventures in baking with using applesause to cut back on sugar this weekend! wish me luck lol!

    1. Good luck! I am sure you will be fine, I've heard applesauce keeps things moist. And of course, less sugar! I think I need some help with my sugar addiction :)

  2. Yes my sweet tooth kills me! So after reading about your K-cup adverntures, I had to go onto amazon and order a brew your own k-cup cup! I didnt even know they made them!Thanks for the heads up!