Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Word of the Year: Healthy

I love the start of a new year. I am new to the club of keeping my New Year's resolutions, having resolved to get in shape last year and happily keeping it. This new year, I have so very many goals and I do believe I will accomplish them. Since I started my blog in May, I have since discovered the world of blogs. There are numerous blogs out there and with so many interesting ones, it would be impossible to read them all. I did read a post yesterday that inspired me, from the blog $5 dinners, about creating a theme for the year through one word. You can find the article here. My word of the year is "healthy" and I think it covers my goals accordingly. Some of my goals for 2012 include:

1. Vary my workouts- I got stuck in a routine last year. A routine I thoroughly enjoyed but I know my body is getting used to. I work out 5 times a week so this year I want to only do the norm workout twice a week, and then the other 3 times a week throw in Pilates, P90X, The Brazilian Butt Lift, and my Carmen Electra StripTease series. I got so caught up in cardio last year that I realized I am sorely lacking in the toning department.

2. Eat breakfast- This is huge for me, I can't tell you have many times I went straight from having coffee to working out. The thing is, I noticed a large difference in my energy every time I ate a little something before a workout and this is something I need to do every time. Rev my metabolism in the morning y'all! :)

3. Drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate, fast food- Also huge for me. I LOVE fast food. I have some sort of grease-lovin' gene in me, always have and probably always will (darn it). But this latest bout of food poisoning from a local fast food joint is the last straw for me. Fast food is junk, it is not real food, and I need to stop eating it, as well as feeding it to my husband. It is not realistic for me to say I will never eat it again, but I am going to try very hard to stay away.

4. To along with #3, eating healthier is another one of my goals. I want to eat more whole foods and less processed crap. More fruit and more veggies. The hubby and I already eat very little meat, usually just chicken and occasionally some red meat. With the hubby's new job comes more money to put towards better food. I am slightly raising my food budget so that I can afford to buy shrimp and fish every month, and so that I can buy more fresh fruit and veggies.

5. Go to as many doctors as possible this year- Haha, I can see some of you out there going "Huh?". Well, it has been a LONG year without health insurance and now we have it! I am aiming to get a physical, an annual, see a dermatologist, a dentist, an eye doctor, and find a new neurologist. Phew!

These are my health goals for 2012. What's funny is I have a handful of crafty goals, a handful of cooking goals, a handful of baking goals, and some financial goals (more on these goals later in the week). All I can say is 2012 is looking to be a better year than the hubby and I have seen in a long time! Happy New Year everyone!

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