Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lofty Aspirations

So how are my New Year's goals going? Extremely well! I can proudly report that I have not had fast food since December 26th, the day I got food poisoning. While I can't say I have had breakfast every day (a difficult habit for me to adopt), I can say that all my meals have been from home and relatively un-processed. Last Monday I picked up a store bought rotisserie chicken and it provided chicken for homemade chicken salad sandwiches  for lunch all week last week. I have been buying more fresh fruit and trying to snack on that, as well as string cheese, yogurt, nuts, and granola bars. I have made dinner every night since December 26th. Such an accomplishment for me!
As for my workouts, I am successfully mixing those up as well. I did 2 cardio workouts, 2 Pilates workouts and 1 Carmen Electra workout last week. I am not sure if it is mixing up workouts or the fact that I am trying to eat healthier but I swear my pants fit better and I feel less bloated. I haven't lost any weight but that was not my goal.
I have been researching eating healthier and I have come to my next switch in my diet. Coffee creamer. Google coffee creamer and see what comes up. Scary stuff. It's basically sweetened hydrogenated oil. Gross! I am working on my last bottle and then I am done. Switching to real cream in my coffee, calories be damned! I don't use that much anyway and with real cream, you really need just a smidge. I think the health benefits from not drinking hydrogenated oil more than make up for any calories.
Hopefully everyone out there is still doing well with their New Year's aspirations!


  1. Nice work, Jessica. I always say "if it sounds too good to be true, then it is." For example 0 calorie soda - obviously they're making up for those 0 cals by putting a lot of crap in it that the body wasn't meant to process. I'm sure you'll just continue to feel better as you fuel your body with the good stuff.

  2. Thanks Lauren! I am just starting to learn this stuff, I never really cared before. But since I started learning about eating better, it's amazing how many chemicals we put in our bodies. Definitely time for a change!