Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Mom

Cleaning out your email inbox can be a positive event, not just a soul-sucking activity! I found this email written 6 years ago which I thought was long gone. I'm so glad I kept it :)

Many, many years ago, when the hubby and I first got together, we went to Hawaii. The hubby's company sent a bunch of employees from the hubby's branch, along with their significant others, to Kona. The only thing that sucked about the circumstance was having to leave my 6 month-old puppy with my parents.

Haloti was such a cute puppy, and an adorable teenager. He had the cutest little pencil tale, and a sparse fawn coat. I consider them teenagers when they are still in that obnoxious phase where they aren't a puppy, but they definitely haven't outgrown the "play" yet. Haloti was an especially rambunctious teenager. I swear he never slept. He chewed on my shoes and the carpet in our apartment. He even dug holes in the walls out of the drywall. There was a time where it seemed like every time the hubby and I came home, there was a new hole in the wall. He tested my patience infinitely. And he loved to test my dad's patience with him as well.

Whilst the hubby and I were in Hawaii, I received the following email from Dad. This is a classic family tale that the hubby and I still laugh about today-

From: Howard & Janice
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 10:57 AM
To: Jessica
Cc: Janice
Subject: Dear Mom
Hi Mom:

This is Haloti.  I hope you are going to pick me up soon.  I've had fun with Grandpa Howard but possibly, just possibly, I may be on his list now.

Yesterday we were all playing in the back yard and I happened to notice Zippy (the big black fur ball - remember?), well anyways, he was sitting just outside the fence when I saw him laying there in the sun.  Honest Mom, I know I shouldn't chase cats but something just comes over me that I can't control.  (Maybe I need therapy.)  I managed to sneak under the fence and race around to where he was.

I surprised the s out of him and he took off across the street!  I was so proud!  (Whoops - I mean ashamed.)  He and I raced across the street and into this big field and somewhere in that mess I lost him.  Then I could hear Grandpa Howard calling me.  (Actually he was more like yelling, but I heard him and he didn't sound happy).

By the time I got back to him, I was covered with leaves and grass.  Grandpa Howard's face was all red and looked like he could kill something!  Scared me to death!  But just then I saw another kitty cat crossing the street over by the basketball thing and - don't get mad now - I was overcome with that same feeling and I JUST had to get him.  He ran into another place down where there's water so I stopped when it got too deep and went back to Grandpa Howard.  By now he was beside himself!  I've never seem him like that before!  I rolled over and did my best submission pose so he picked me up and carried me into his house.

My word Mom you have NEVER heard such language from a mature adult!  He said things that sounded like you watching Steeler football!  I was shocked!

Anyways, he still lets me go outside but now I have to wear this stupid leash outfit you bought me - you know, the one that looks like an S & M outfit!  I'm so embarrassed!   The other dogs laugh at me and I think it is having an negative effect on my self-esteem.

So, if you can get down here soon, Grandpa Howard can have some time to recover and maybe quit looking at me like I was a serial killer or a Republican.  I would appreciate it very much.

I miss you and hope you had a good trip.  I did too until yesterday, but I will play kissy face with Grandpa Howard and maybe he'll feel better about the whole thing and will let me come back in the future!

Love, Haloti


  1. Now I be famos four my good righting.

    1. Who says you're grammer and speeling have too bee perfect? LOL.