Saturday, June 22, 2013

Polish Round-Up: Early Summer 2013

Deals on nail polish are abundant this time of year, and I love every second of it. I'm buying nail polish like it's going out of style right now. There are so many pretty colors out right now, I'm kind of plodding my way through testing them all out. I've found a couple of great-for-me shades, and a few "Wow, I will never buy this again!" shades. Oh, and one nail polish shade I will probably be buying until the end of time. Or they stop making it. I think we know which one of those will come first ;)

The color I've hated the most? Maybelline Color Show in Urban Turquoise.

It's a pretty color in concept, and I will think it would look good on people with a medium to darker complexion. Or tan people. I'm neither of these things. This color just ended up look kind of green on my pale complexion. It also seemed to bring out the blue in my veins which in turned made my feet look dead. I was not fond of the look, and it only lasted one day.

Colors I've disliked, but left them on for awhile? Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in So Much Fawn and Choco Latte.

The pink looked too dusty on my pale, bony fingers. The nude color is more of a khaki, but not a good khaki. I thought it just looked dirty. Also, I don't know why I continue to buy Complete Salon Manicure, they have the worst brush in the history of brushes. I hate them. Still, I continue to buy them. Sigh. Brush-hatred is so easily forgotten when you are standing in the store contemplating polish colors.

Colors I've been impressed with? Covergirl Outlast in Bronze Beauty, Reliable Red, Eternal Oceans.

I continue to be impressed with Covergirl's Outlast nail polish. I love the brush, it is the easiest to use in my collection. The polish formulas are smooth, and so pigmented that most of the time I only have to do one coat. The bronze is more of a gold glitter, but the glitter is subtle and even my 30-year old ass can pull it off. The red is much more hot pink than red, but it works well even with my light complexion. It's so summery, too. Purple's are usually a difficult polish to work with, I find most formulas tend to be clumpy. Not the case with Covergirl's, although you do need to use two coats with this one.

My favorite shade out of all the colors I've tried this summer (so far)? Covergirl Outlast in Smokey Taupe.

Holy cow, this shade has been a revelation for me! It's the perfect shade of taupe that's got a little tint of pink to it. It's perfect for my complexion. It's everything I wanted Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic to be, and wasn't. This color may not look like much in the bottle, but it's amazing on. I really hope they keep making this, because nail polish is not one of those things you can stock-up on and hoard forever. The formula goes awry with time. In any case, this is my new go-to nail color. Love, love, love it!

Next up for testing? Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Resurrection and Maybelline Color Show in Sandstorm.

We'll see. I'm expecting to like the nude Maybelline and not expecting to like the blue Sally Hansen. But you never know!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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