Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Springtime Polish Round-Up

I think, I think it's finally spring here in Kentucky. Our weather has been sunny, and 70º for the last couple of days. It's even supposed to be 80º today! I'm so excited, I've been waiting with abated breath for spring. I was soooo sick of wearing boots, or my tennis shoes, or some other version of closed-toed shoes. It's flip-flop time baby!

So being as it is time for flip-flops, what goes hand-in-hand with flip-flops? Pedicures! Time to remove your toes from their sweaty, confined winter prisons, and share them with the world. Go forth ladies, and shed your ashen heels. Moisturize to your hearts content. And for heaven's sake, pick a pretty polish!

I've actually been testing out different polish's all winter. I feel better with my toes painted. Some I've been fond of (hello Covergirl in Smoky Taupe!), and some others I feel, um, not so fond of. Here's some looks I've tried out:

1. Nude

I picked the wrong color of nude. This is Sinful Colors in Vacation Time, and it does not work with my pasty-white complexion. This polish has pink-undertones, and my skin tone was not having it. I'm a big fan of the nude look, I just haven't picked out the right color yet. With so many nudes to choose from, it might be awhile before I find the right one. Besides why not pick a color that people don't have to squint at, and tilt their head as they ponder if you're even wearing a polish? :)

2. Sparkly White

I actually really liked the sparkly white polish. Think disco nails, rather than toes covered in white-out. I bought the Nicole by OPI in It's All About The Glam, and tried it by itself in 3 coats. However, it produced more of a transparent finish rather than the solid, glittery white I was coveting. I countered this by applying Maybelline's Porcelain Party first, which is a non-translucent white. I finished the look with 2 coats of the OPI polish. The 2 polish's together combined for the more opaque look I was going for. It was a really pretty pedicure, one I'm likely to repeat.

3. Bold Purple

As many of you may know, I heart purple. Love, love, LOVE it. I've probably tried just about every purple out on the market. This was a non-complicated pedicure, and 2 coats of this thick polish will produce a perfectly opaque pedicure. Whilst the color was a complete winner (the color was Paparazzi Pleaser), L'Oreal's polish formula sucks. It was too thick, and globby (yes, that is a perfectly acceptable made-up word for describing a nail polish). It chipped and smudged immediately (and yes, I did let the polish set for 60 minutes before it smudged). You can guarantee you'll see me in another purple pedicure, however you are unlikely to see me purchasing another L'Oreal nail polish.

So, what's next? I got some polish strips I'm going to try. I love polish strips. They always look perfect, and they last forever! I got some China Glaze strips on sale at Sally's, and I'm super-excited for my next look.

And what do you know? They are gonna be purple :)

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