Friday, January 4, 2013

Product Review: Blistex Moisture Melt and More

It's been awhile since I reviewed some beauty products. It's taking some time to delve back into blog-mode after taking such a long break. However, the house is mostly unpacked, cleaning is under control, and I've gotten a handle on cooking here. Therefore, I have more time to blog :) Let's dive right in, shall we?

1. Blistex Moisture Melt
It's unusual for me to find chap sticks that work for me. I always, always have the Chapstick brand chap stick( the blue kind) on my person, because that's what works all the time. What's a girl with a love of new products to do? I just keep trying them anyway. And this one works. It's got shea butter in it, and it never dries out my lips. And I put chap stick on like, 50 times a day. A regular addict, I am. This formula has little blue beads of moisture in it, which I will admit, made me nervous at first. No worries though, the little blue beads disappear as soon as they hit your lips. This product leaves my lips look soft, shiny, and a tiny bit glossy. I hate wearing lipstick in the winter, because it always seems to look cakey on my dry, wintery lips. I've been wearing this all by itself. It's definitely a more natural, nude look, and I like that sometimes. The verdict? A new must-have for me, and it's super affordable. You can get it at the drugstore for under $2 when it goes on sale. I will be buying this again.

2. Revlon PhotoReady Powder
I wanted to like this powder, I really did. I got it back in the summer with Revlon's $5 off 1 face product coupon, so I got it super cheap. I like Revlon's face products, I regularly use Revlon's ColorStay Foundation, and I love Revlon's PhotoReady Primer. Whatever the reason, I'm not overly fond of this powder. A couple of reasons- 1. It looks cakey on my skin. I apply it with a soft powder brush and gently swirl it onto my skin, but as soon as I get close to the mirror, you can see it caked on my skin. Yuck. Not a good look for natural light. 2. It does not control shine. My shininess seems to show through in about an hour. I can usually get a couple of hours before I need to retouch my makeup with my normal powder, which is L'Oreal True Match powder. 3. It doesn't even out my complexion as nicely as the L'Oreal powder. After application, my skin didn't look as even as normal. Maybe it's the winter weather, but this powder is not working for me. The verdict? I will not be repurchasing this.

3. CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara
This mascara is very well-received online. I read tons of reviews that said this was the best mascara that CoverGirl makes. In my opinion, this just doesn't bode well for CoverGirl mascaras (none of which have ever been my favorite). I scored a sweet deal on this mascara, so I decided to give it a try. I bought the waterproof formula (no surprise there, right?) in Very Black. Overall, this product was better than other CoverGirl mascaras I've tried. The formula was not clumpy, and the little bristles on the brush did make it easy to coat hard-to-reach lashes. It also darkens my lashes accordingly. My one complaint, and the reason I won't be buying this again? The formula flakes. A couple of hours after I put this on, I inevitably look in the mirror and have little black flakes under my eyes. Not cool. Or pretty. It happens every time. The verdict? I'm sticking with Maybelline mascaras, I will not be repurchasing this one.

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