Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And All That Trim

Our project manager managed to tell the truth for once! 

He told us last week that the cabinets, doors, trim, and porch would be installed on Monday, and what do you know? They showed up on Monday. Shocking.

They did a fantastic job, I'm very pleased. All the colors and finish's we picked out, ummm, 7 months ago, look so good together. I'm very relieved about that one. The white trim made all the walls pop.

We were also pleased that the painters showed up yesterday. The painters painted all the trim and doors, as well as patching all the little dinged spots (If you look closely at the pictures, the walls are covered in little pieces of blue painters tape- those were the dings).  Today they are putting a second coat of paint on all the walls. So that will be done after today.

Hard surfaces, i.e. countertops and vinyl flooring, are scheduled to be installed on Monday. Appliances are 100% going to be delivered on Tuesday (since that's something the hubby scheduled) so those floors better be in on Monday. I told the hubby he's cutting that one close. I am sooooooooo excited for my new appliances. The timing better work out is all I gotta say!

Kitchen cabinets. We went a dark-stained maple, and I think they look fabulous.

Trim and windowsill in the living room.

Cabinets in the master bathroom.

My tub!

Trim and windowsill in the guest bathroom.

I love my kitchen!

Looking into the living room/kitchen/dining nook.

Looking from the dining nook into the great room.

Front porch.

The exterior is now complete!

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