Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Have A Roof!

Good afternoon!

I don't have too much to say today, I'm still recovering from a migraine I had Monday. I'm still feeling a bit foggy and detached, and a bit hung-overish. What a fun Labor Day, huh?

Anyways, as of yesterday, we have a roof and I wanted to post a couple of pics. These people meant business, showing up at 6 am. I almost had a heart attack, as I was letting the dogs out to do their business in my pajamas with my hair pointing every which way. They worked fast, and were gone by noon. Behind them, they left our finished roof. The hubby and I think it's bee-u-tiful :)

Please excuse the oh-so-classy dumpster out front :)

Another shot of the roof

Front-on shot

Let's get a closer look!

It's actually brown shingle. I think it will look more brown when the siding is on the house, since the siding is a taupe color.

Love it!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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