Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life's Frustrations
Life's frustrations have handed me writer's block.

The hubby and I are very frustrated with the progress on the house. We are at a standstill at the moment. We've been waiting almost a week for the basement floor to be poured. Once the basement is poured, HVAC guys can finish up (since the furnace sits on the basement floor), and the electrician can come and do his job. Once the electrician is done, we can start drywall and sheetrock. So you see, everything hinges on this concrete dude who was supposed to be out here last Thursday. We are still waiting.

I'm also frustrated, because I'm tired of blogging about construction. I want to blog about food! I want to bake, I want to use my food processor, I want to make fish! We are getting to the tail end of time before the hubby and I leave for Oregon, and now that we are in that homestretch... more impatient than ever!

So because I can't blog about what I want, I don't want to blog at all. Sigh.  8 days until we leave for Oregon. Countless more days till we are in our house. I will say, when this is all said and done, hubby and I have paid our dues! This has been a really hard time period. The one positive I can find in all this, if there is one, is hardship will make us appreciate our home all the more.

All I can say is we are really, really freakin' going to appreciate our house at this point :)

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