Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Construction Update: 9/28/12

We are having a pretty good week in home construction. Things started to turn around because... we got a new project manager on our home. The hubby had had it up to here with the previous project manager's shenanigans i.e. no communication, no organization, not doing what he said he would, etc. He wrote an email to the Schumacher bigwigs, as well as calling and complaining to this guy's boss. Long story short? As of this week, we have someone new on the project.

I like this new guy already. He always calls the hubby back when the hubby leaves him messages. He seems to know what he is doing. On Monday, he told the hubby that the siding would be put installed on Wednesday. Lo and behold, the siding was installed yesterday! This was the first time that something happened early on our home. I told the hubby that during this whole process, everything had been about a week late (sometimes longer). Now, something was done early! I'm pretty stoked about this new guy's potential. He also told the hubby that insulation is being installed on Thursday, and sheet-rocking will be installed on Friday. He said he saw no reason the house shouldn't be done by the time we get back from Oregon. I about died and went to heaven when the hubby told me this. If that does happen, I'm liable to actually look forward to coming home at the end of my trip to Oregon. We'll see on that one :)

We are about 2 full days from leaving for Oregon. I've got today and tomorrow to finish up packing, and organizing our stuff. The hubby and I are leaving his aunt's house Friday at 2 am to leave for the airport. Our flight is at 6:30 am! Wowsers, it's going to a long day! Can't wait till it's over!

As always, here are some pictures of the progress on the home. I have to say, I'm in total love with the color we chose for the siding. Love, love, LOVE it! Couldn't be happier with the exterior of the home.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!

Siding being installed.

Finished siding in the front.

Insulation around the main bath.

Insulation in the garage.

Siding being installed on the back of the house.

Siding around our French doors.

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