Friday, September 21, 2012

Concrete! Finally!

Well, it finally happened! The concrete floor in the basement and garage, and the front porch was poured yesterday. I've been wanting to tear my hair out waiting on them. The hubby and I were growing increasingly annoyed each day. We are leaving for Oregon in 6 days, (Yay!) and there are things the hubby wanted to have done before we leave town for a month. Thankfully, right now it appears the hubby will be able to get all the little things he wants done, done. The furnace was installed today, and the electrician is coming out tomorrow! And when he's done the HVAC people will come back, install the cooling unit, and VOILA! Time for drywall and sheetrock, and eventually, siding. I'm still hoping against hope that the house will be nearly done when we get back from our trip. A girl can dream, yes?

Concrete is very, very boring to look at. And take pictures of. At least I think so. I've got a couple of pictures of the new concrete, but nothing too extreme :)

New concrete for the porch.

They actually poured the basement floor concrete through the basement windows.

Looking out at the front porch

Another of the front porch. The hubby says the color will bleach, and the concrete will look lighter.

Basement floor and brand new furnace. It's dark down there!

The nice, shiny garage floor.

The hubby is so in love with the garage floor, he wouldn't even let me walk on it :)

Man, I hope the electrician shows up tomorrow! Wish us luck!

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