Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Unhappy Puppy

Poor Gizmo.

The hubby and I had the dogs groomed on Tuesday. Haloti, who has been groomed many times in his life, takes it like a champ. He doesn't miss a beat. I think he knows that he looks handsome after a bath and a haircut.

Gizmo on the other hand. Well, Gizmo has been traumatized. The part that he is having a hard time with is his shaved... um, private area. He seems to think he has something on him and he keeps trying to run away from it. He crawls on his belly and scoots around on his butt like crazy. I feel sorry for him. The only way I can get him to relax is by laying him on his back on my lap.

This calmness doesn't last long. Inevitably, he'll catch a draft on his belly, jump up like something bit him, and run around like a crazy person. When he's not freaking out, he's laying at his watch post, pouting.

I feel so bad for him. There's not really anything I can do to help him feel better. I'm taking him into the vet today, just to make sure he doesn't have a rash or anal gland infection (ick, I know!) or something. He's going to be even more pouty-er after that. I just hope he returns to his normal self soon. He hasn't touched his Blue Monkey since Tuesday. Sad.

And Haloti? Not much will keep him from watching the "Today" show. I think he's got a thing for Matt Lauer :)

The vet said Gizmo has a bacteria infection on his little tummy. He got some anti-biotics and a steroid to take. The vet said he should feel better in 2-3 days. Poor little guy :(

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