Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Life-Changer

The hubby and I's house hunt is over.

In an amazing twist of events, it is actually going to be cheaper for us to... build a house!

I still can't believe the way things have worked out. We looked at everything Wheelersburg had to offer. In our price range, it was nothing but garbage. We would have had to pay our entire budget just to get into a home, when the homes themselves were in need of thousands of dollars of work. And that was just to get them move-in ready. The only house we looked at that was move-in ready was over our budget and it was tiny! We hated it, it would have been a serious compromise to pick that one.

About 8 months ago, the hubby's mother deeded a 2-acre piece of land over to him. We hadn't given much thought to building, but when we finally decided to give that option some consideration, we realized "Hey, we already have land". So the research began, and the more we looked into it, the better it looked.

Also, the land is in Kentucky. So alas, we won't be defecting to Ohio after all!

Last weekend, we drove up to Columbus, OH to meet with a consultant for a builder. We received a quote and looked at one of their model homes. We knew then this was what we wanted to do. On Monday, after my neurologist appointment, we stopped at the builder's location in Cincinnati to look at their model home there because their model home was the layout we picked. The model we picked is about 1900 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

The hubby took tons of pictures, of course :)

All of the homes this particular builder we chose builds have a full, poured-concrete basement. A necessity for me!

The stairwell leading up from the basement. Ours will be slightly different, as ours will have full walls surrounding the staircase instead of these railings.

First look at the gorgeous, open kitchen!

Open living room, kitchen, and dining area. If you can see that open, stone fixture in the very back, we won't have that. There will be a wall there, but there will be a door to the backyard.

Looking from the living room down the hall.

Eating area looking into kitchen. So happy I'm going to have a place to put our dining room table!

Master bedroom. Yay, room for our dresser!

Master bedroom looking into the hall.

Master bath. I finally get a tub that I like! Ours will only have the back window, not the side window.

Walk-in closet in the Master bedroom.

One of the guest rooms. The model home has it set up as an office, which I think we are going to do too.

Main bathroom. Definitely won't be choosing lime green to paint it!

Guest bedroom.

The beautiful foyer.

I'm so excited! The hubby and I signed our intent to buy today, so many more updates to follow over the next couple months, I'm sure :)


  1. WOW! that is so exciting! you can make it your very own with your won touches! that is too perfect!

    1. I'm so excited! It's going to be so nice starting off with everything instead instead of trying to fix up someone's else horrible work. Because honestly, we just weren't going to find anything we liked.

    2. Its going to look amazing and I cant wait to see pictures! Your going to have to take a picture of the plot 1st before any building starts so we can see all the wonderful progress! so much has happened for you guys over the past yr or so!

      How long(did they estimate) the construction to take?

    3. We'll probably head down to the property sometime this week, so I will take some pre-construction pictures.

      They estimate 120 days from when they pour the concrete basement. They are estimating we should be in the house by October. I can't wait!

  2. Oh thats super exciting!! I cant wait for you too move in too!