Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a Spring Day In Kentucky

The weather has been ah-mazing this week! It's been in the 70's and sunny all week, minus Wednesday which was T-storms all day long. I happily dug my capri pants out of my dresser, out from underneath all my winter clothes. Love my capri pants!

Yesterday, the hubby and I headed down the road to his aunt and uncle's house to help them set up a new patio furniture set they had purchased. The set is gorgeous and it only took 5 people to put together (Jerame and I, his aunt and uncle, and Jerame's mom). I think the boys could have handled it own their own, but us girls were there for moral support :)

But seriously, the table only took about 15 minutes to put together, and then we all enjoyed drinks and snacks on the patio, basking in the sun. It was one of those perfect spring days when it was not too hot or too cold, and the summer humidity hasn't arrived yet. We got to the aunt and uncle's house in early afternoon, but ended up chatting around until 9 that night.
Martha and Ron with their new table. Matches the house perfectly!
Martha, Ron, Joyce, and I.
We didn't want to leave Brutus out of the fun!
In other household news, a new toy arrived in the mail for the hubby yesterday:

Yep, we bought a Keurig. The hubby has been talking about them non-stop for about 6 months, so when he got his Spring Bonus, I folded like a cheap hooker and let him get it.

He's just like a kid at Christmas. He could barely contain his excitement long enough to open the box. A cup of coffee had to be brewed ASAP. The excitement then bubbled over to the taste of the coffee, which won rave reviews from the hubby. In fact, he raved over the taste of the coffee for about 20 minutes (which is exactly 19 minutes longer than I've ever raved about coffee).

Keurig sends this lovely little variety pack of K-Cups with the machine. The hubby has already taste-tested quite a few cups. I had a cup of the Donut Shop blend this morning, love!

We've already been to Walmart to get a couple of different varieties of K-Cups. I bought the Latte Macchiato for me, and we didn't discover until we got home that I bought a variety that's not compatible with Keurig. Boo! The hubby bought the Sumatra blend though and has already fallen in love with it.

We are already anticipating more K-Cup adventures (and looking forward to it!).


  1. 1. I hate you and your warm weather right now lol! Its still so dam cold and yucky here :'(

    2. I love love my Keurig and one of my faviorte K-cups is the Chi Latte! Hooked!

    3. Your hair is very cute! Your stylist did a very good job!

    1. I am enjoying the K-Cup! I think my favorite flavor so far is French Vanilla.

      I'm very pleased with my hair! I wasn't sure how good a stylist in a small town would be, but she seemed very knowledgeable. Plus, she did great work :)