Friday, January 13, 2012

Where Is All The Snow???

This is the scene I woke up to this morning-

The view from my kitchen window
Last year at this time, we had been in Kentucky for a little over a month and there had been inches of snow on the ground since we set foot in the state on December 10, 2010. This year, we have yet to get the first big snow. I am disappointed! In Oregon, specifically the Willamette Valley where I lived, it was a miracle if we got a centimeter of snow. In fact, school would usually be cancelled for a centimeter of snow. School is definitely not cancelled here, as you can see from the poor kid trudging to school in the dusting of snow. I loved being here last winter where we got snow instead of never ending rain. I can't complain about the rain here, there hasn't been much, but I was looking forward to a nice snowy winter. Granted it is only January, so there is a chance we still might get a nice big snow. We'll see.
On a completely different note, I made entomatadas last night! They were not perfect. But they were good. So good that the hubby raved about them and asked me to save everything so he could have them again today. This is highly unusual because he hates Mexican food. The shredded beef I made was good, but it didn't have enough flavor for me. I made it by mixing a salsa mixture that went into the crock pot and then seared all sides of my chuck roast before putting the roast into the crock pot with the salsa mixture. I believe the problem was that there wasn't enough salsa mixture to flavor the meat so I am going to double that next time. My other problem was the sauce. Now as far as the taste of the sauce, the taste was almost spot on. It's definitely missing something and I have no idea what. It is back to the research boards for me on that one. The other problem was the color. My sauce was a bright orange color, much like the picture I posted of the entomatada interpretation. The sauce I remember was more of a dark brownish-reddish color. The hubby and I are going to try charring all the vegetables on the grill for the next time I make the sauce. The dish as a whole was very tasty though and definitely not a fail in anyway. Plus, I have a ton of shredded beef that I am going to turn into a thick chili for tonight. Yum!

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