Friday, October 7, 2011

Jerame's 34th Birthday!

I have been slowly climbing out of the migraine hole, not yet feeling 100%. The migraine came last Friday, knocked me out all weekend, left me in the migraine hangover on Monday and has been hanging on all week! I am not feeling nearly as foggy as I was earlier in the week but definitely still feeling the effects. It is a good thing that I am starting to feel better because yesterday was the hubby's birthday! He had requested his favorite pasta for dinner and Boston Creme Pie for his birthday cake, which of course I obliged. Boston Creme Pie has given me trouble in the past so I am happy to report that I nailed this one! Oh yeah! More on the conquering of that mountain later. We had Jerame's mother and Martha and Ron over for cake and ice cream and then later... Ducks football! Good times were had by all (or so I was told) :)

Jerame's Boston Creme Pie

Jerame and his cake

Jerame, Ron, and Brutus

Cutting the cake


Jerame and I in our Game Day gear

We wanted a picture without 70's wallpaper in it, thank you very much

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