Monday, August 15, 2011

An Exercise in Control

About a month ago, Jerame and I were rear-ended by an intoxicated driver. The other driver was driving at a pretty good clip so needless to say both Jerame and I are feeling some neck and back pain. We both started physical therapy 2 weeks ago, 3 times a week. At my first appointment with the physical therapist, he banned me from working out for at least 3 weeks. Meaning, in 3 weeks he would re-evaluate and then we could talk about my exercising. I am now going on my 3rd week of not working out and frankly it sucks! I never thought I would say this, but all I want to do is work out! It's taking all my self-control to rest during this time period. Last week the therapist finally gave me some stretches to work on and while this helps, it is not taking the place of my exercise time.
I had an appointment this morning at which the therapist told me it seems like I am improving and he cut me back to 2 appointments a week! He also told me that he thinks I may be able to start up my weight lifting next week as well! This was music to my ears! So, for 1 more week, I will remain a couch potato. I do have some reading to attend to anyways :)

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